From My Teacher

I got this email from my E&D professor in response to a query I had. Surprise ending.

Dear Chris:
Students have two options: 1. to tie water into the introductory contextualizing
of the essay and/or 2. to tie water into the basic research question. It sounds
like you can do both. One you can say that water holds a sacred place in many
religions and is elemental to life. Ultimately sustainability is 100 percent
dependent on clean water, but water can also be an aide in sustainability. It
can be heated by the sun, for pools, home use etc. And it needs to be channeled
and regulated to provide life and agriculture. You can go broad on this topic or
you can narrow it all down to a focus that your research leads you to.
You mean you earned a B+. I’ll write in down. Thanks Chris for spearheading
the most intellectual class I’ve ever had on dead babies.