Vibram Five Fingers

So I’ve been researching Vibram Five Fingers for the past month or so, along with the biomechanical aspects of barefoot and in-shoe running. I have a friend here, Daniel, who also happens to Crossfit, who got a pair last month and couldn’t say enough about them, so naturally I broke down and ordered a pair on Friday, which got here today. I’ve only had them for five or six hours, but I’m already in love; I would highly recommend everyone try them out at some point. There’s just enough protection/cushioning that you can walk places that you normally couldn’t barefoot, i.e. on broken glass (lots of that at Hampshire…), gravel, etc., but the sole is thin enough that you can still feel what you’re walking on. These things are super-legit for pretty much every sporting/outdoor activity (although Frisbee is still best played in cleats). But they do look a little silly. You can also get them for free from REI, although I bought mine from there so I can return them if need be. Here’s some pictures:

Having looked at some research, barefoot movement is way, way better for you than using shoes. And it feels better. Word.