first post in a while – a ladder fell on me

yo dudes, haven’t been contributing much lately, but i’m really glad – dante- that you had the impetus to get this going gain, i think it’s good to keep each other updated as much as possible.

there hasn’t been too much going on for me lately, the fact that everyone is gone doing their own thing has finally sunk in i.e. i watched three documentaries yesterday to kill time… i’ve been working on a few paid projects, the treehouse at my place, some yard work for dianah, this newer house painting gig for a friend of my mom, and hopefully some data entry stuff for sharon if i ever get around to calling her (i’ve been noticeably displeased with my lack of follow through lately). aside from those jobs, i’m sort of stagnating. my goal for this time off was to pursue outdoor adventures, and i have only managed to do one such excursion – the mountaineering course.

my knees have been giving me a lot of grief lately which has not helped my adventure spirit in the least, and i managed to injure my thumb and shoulder yesterday working on my house painting job. i was simultaneously lifting and raising this 30 food ladder to reach the top of the house when the feet slipped out and the whole thing came crashing down on me. i initially tried to catch it (probably where i hurt my thumb) then kind of cowered and covered myself (the shoulder). now both are in pain (i am typing using my right index finger to hit the space button) and i cant work at least for a few days. unfortunately this is the primary sunny window in which i was going to finish the house, and am now forced to abandon the job. so now not only am i unable work, but i can’t really exercise either. running is a no go due to the knees, and even biking has brought out pain. i was planning on going the pool last night for lap swimming, but that is going to be put on hold for a while as well. so for the time being i’m kinda stuck without anything productive to do besides read, watch documentaries and look at schools on the interwebs.

on that – i recently came across UW’s college of built environments, which offers a BA in architecture, a BS in construction management or a dual degree in both. i was planning on applying there as a transfer regardless, and now i’m thinking that this could be a pretty neat option. i think i told all of you about Olin, the engineering school near boston, which i guess would be my #1 choice, but seeing as they have a 16% acceptance rate and i pulled a less than spectacular 3.2 last year, so i’m not getting my hopes up. but i think that the UW program has a lot of potential, and i think after this year i could really get my mind on track and actually find it inside to care about what i’m studying.

but generally right now i need some inspiration on productive ways to fill my time indoors, aside from watching documentaries and masturbating, i’ve got those two on lock down. if you guys have any suggestions throw em at me. i’m starting to poke around for possible internships for the rest of the fall, because as the rains become more consistent, i will be less and less able to go on hikes and having some sort of regularly scheduled engagement (hopefully a paying or informative one) would be beneficial.