for Girls and Mushrooms

inspired by michael’s extesive post and the fact that there seems to be some momentum to this stone of a blog–i’ll try and shake some moss off and share what’s been occuring in my life.

for girls and mushrooms: I broke up with chelsea on sunday up in bellingham after she had been ignoring me the entire weekend, knowing that i’d be up there (but not for that reason)–according to her she had wanted to just let me hang out with the bros– it was a wet and warm sunday morning and i biked over in my blue shorts and tee to chelseas–there i informed her of my revelations and the hurt i was feeling from being in the relationship: to her i was breaking up because she had ignored me for two days…our conversation didn’t last long because i had a pre ordained event. so after spilling my heart and soaking in the ache of a break up i met with some friends and proceed to masticate mushrooms. right on the edge of mass halucinations chelsea calls matt’s phone–who hands it in my direction–to hear chelsea in tears. that edge that i stood for those few moments of fuck that was not my intention i shouldn’t have broken up with chelsea and ran (so irriesponsible) sewn to “what the fuck happened to the floor and i think i’m loosing reality for the next couple of hours” was to say the least surreal. there were five of us taking mushrooms. Derek and Meghan had never taken mushrooms. we walked from their house up to the arrboritum–geographically the house was in the valley and the arb was the highest point in the surrounding region. it was a climb of wonder and discussion and heavy breathing and reluctant limbs. Meghan was the first one to the top of the arb and up the watch tower–it has the best view and we were hoping to chill out up there– i was following meghan up the stairs and to the landing of the tower–at that point shit started to get weird. there was a scroungy student wrapped in a blanket huddled in the corner of the landing and he was staring straight into our eyes–he opened up the blanket in a hugging gesture and meghan leaned in and gave him a hug (i thought she knew him)–he whispered into her ear that he would grant her a wish for he was the Oracle oh and that she smelled good! soon we had five people tripping hard on a crowded landing with the Oracle man next to us and a talkative jogger on the other side–it was too overwhelming for all of us–it became apparent that the man on the ground was actually on some other shit claiming that we were all wearing purple–such an intese mind fuck–we didn’t last long up there–for those that have been there (nathan and alex) we booked it to the sit and be well rock– on the way out the Oracle started to shake his fists at us and yell “a rumbling a rumbling a rumbling..” as we walked off. Meghan was tramatized–having never taken mushrooms before–she had never met that man up there before and her body couldn’t process what had just happened–supposedly the man had asked for a hug and being on mushrooms she kind of just let it happen. After that the experience was a blast–we just played in the forrest –climbing, playiung in the dirt, romping in the underbrush–we even cam up with a really cool restraunt idea that i would liek to pursue. A restruant that seats different parties together in a mix match order–with the intent of allowing the diners to have the unique experience of having a meal with random strangers from the community–the idea being that it would be a social expereince of meeting other social community memebers–the stitching together of the community–image sitting down say me and michael and being sat with another two people–a young couple–and simply sharing breakfast with them–it would be a great way to make friends and learn who actually lives around you–a community building experience–they say that food brings people togther–why not actually apply that saying in practice???? I WANT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN AT SOME POINT–THIS COULD MIX WITH THE BURGER VENTURE–anyways to sum it all up after coming down– i was feeling really good and the vibe of the group was amazing and random hugs were occuring–so i ran over to chelsea’s hoping to work things through–funny how regardless of the intention i had how far the engagement can fall from that–chelsea was in a horrible mood–and my body was still set to engaging with people in a mushroomy way which had absolutly no cross over with chels–not to mentin that i had just spent the last hour laying in the dirt and i probably looked like i had just gotten in a crack fight (my arms were slightly scrapped and rubbed raw from climbing) –i wasn’t considering how painful the breakup with her would impact her–its interesting how the pain/disconnect that i felt justified my desire to end the formal aspect of dating ALSO grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her off the cliff too–we’re both still tumbling–our understandings are completely different–for her it may be that its boyfriend or no firend–this may be the romantic in me but i’d still be down to catch her in my arms and walk away from it knowing that i’d made a true friend -i have to get back to work but i’ll post more