Gypsy Davy, film showing in Olympia Film Festival

Rachel Leah Jones ’93 will screen her latest film “Gypsy Davy” at the Olympia Film Festival, Tuesday November 13 at 5:00 PM

“Selected by Screen International as one of the top 10 movies of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, this documentary by Evergreen alum Rachel Leah Jones (who will participate in a Skype Q&A following the screening) tells the unusual story of her father, flamenco guitarist and serial womanizer David Serva. Shot over a ten-year period across three continents and utilizing an ingenious editing structure that Variety describes as akin to a “flavorsome, twisty literary novel”, Jones turns a tangled family history into a homemade epic. Featuring performances from some of the finest flamenco artists in the world, as well as interviews with the many women and children that Serva left in his wake, the richly textured film pivots on an attempted reconciliation between the filmmaker and the father who left her thirty years earlier. As Paul Sturtz, programmer of the True/False Documentary Film Festival, wrote about this new classic of the genre, “other than a few other landmarks like Capturing the Friedmans, I’m not sure I could name very many films that use interviews so effectively…. this is quite special, and begs to be watched.”