Fourth Magazine

Its inspiring and insightful to learn of how such creative endeavors take sail…


Throughout history, the one element that has made us uniquely human is the ability to make art. This fascinating element of the human condition includes the capacity to think creatively, to produce ideas and images that help us figure out what our thoughts and feelings really mean, and to share them with the world at the click of a button. So here, in these strange digital pages, we explore, expose, and celebrate this forward-moving, always-evolving creative energy that makes us human. We focus on exploring not just the art, but the artists who always have, and always will, drive humanity forth.

In the end, we hope to be an additional, tiny vehicle for the engine of creativity. To growl and move forward.


Forth was founded in 2009 as a print publication in Los Angeles. The first issue was put together by Jeremy Pollack in a dark, basement of an editorial laboratory in his L.A. apartment. Forth Issue #1 was a shaky first go, but Jeremy managed to pull in some fantastic writers, artists, and poets for the issue. Launched at a stellar party at G2 gallery in January 2009, where many of the featured poets and writers read their work and several of the artists displayed their pieces, Los Angeles’ first all arts and literature magazine was born.

Producing 8 issues over the next year, Forth grew in popularity and distribution. The staff grew into a brilliant editorial staff, with writers like Marco Mannone and Jason Hall, and art journalists like Sofiya Goldstein and Sophie Kipner. The first year brought a plethora of Forth-sponsored events, from monthly art parties to weekly poetry readings. Sadly, however, print was on its way out, and ad sales could not sustain the heavy printing and distribution costs. The magazine became purely a digital archive, and by late 2010, though all of its printed content was posted on the web, no new content was being produced. It was then that Forth activity faded and its editors, including Jeremy Pollack, ventured off onto other endeavors.

Strangely enough, however, the site continued to attract over a thousand new visitors a month, despite having no new content. This trend continued over the next few years, when in 2014, Jeremy met Candice Silva, who was inspired by Forth and was willing to work for virtual peanuts. Why the hell not? And so, a new generation of Forth was born. The digital magazine relaunched in June 2014, allowing Candice, the new Managing Editor, to build a robust new staff of extremely talented writers, editors, and art curators. This is the product you see today. We’re back up and at ‘em, and readership has been growing ever since. Apparently, we’re onto something. Thanks for helping us make our history!