The beginning in a “call in” work shop

Calling each other in. How do we do this. For so long i have held this mantra in my mind. I ve felt the sting of being shamed, called out,  by others from my miss use of of gendered language, for my own patriachol language and pratices. At times, especially if i never saw or knew the person calling me out, such comments shamed me, quieted me, rather than stepping more into the movement with my mind body and spirit. I became more quiet in those moments.

now i have thought about ways that calling each other in can happen. Life is more beautiful when we seek the beauty within it.

Individuals are able to transform, shift, change, when they themselve seek that change.

Similar to calling in, people can be called into the movement when they seek to be called in, when they would like to know the desired gender pronoun of a new comrade.

People will listen to the advice you share, when they desire to hear what you think.

I’ve never really done the calling out, i grew up in a predominetly white space where fucked up shit was said all the time, rather i held those painful experiences and decompressed them elsewhere, i made art, i developed a critical analysis of the world.

I’ve tried to inform people in, i’ve told them all the ways capitalism undermines their own humanity, fragments their identity. I’ve told the of who the real welfare kings and queens are, not indiviual people, but agro industry, bigpharma and the military industrial complex. And once i exhuasted people’s ears of this, when a glazed, disconnected looks was what i recieved i moved away from that. But i still do it.

I moved towards asking questions, seeking to invite people in: so what do you see? How do you feel about all of this? What would you do differently? But even in these moments, the distance and traction I’d be able to get would only go so far. Individuals I’v been building ideas with felt the rhetorical tone of my questions, knowing I was waiting eagerly to jump into conversation after they have shared their own piece. They could see through my rhetorical fasade.

Now i seek to incorporate my own questioning and advice giving with consent. Hey can we talk about this? can we take a critical look at this pattern? Would you like to hear some advice from my own experiences? or what i have gone through? Can we problem solve this? Can we talk about my prefered gender pronoun, or can we talk about our friends prefered gendered pronoun? If yes, lets geek. If no, then my time spent as a transformer is not necessary.

these are more structural, meta conversational, questions that (i lack the apporpriate language to describe this) seek to frame the direction of the interaction. If yes (sincerely, or partially) then they are now in a position to be called in. If no, the time isn’t right – and its up to you proceed with the call out, data dump, or questioning.

This is adding key procedural check points, consent – guaging for interest, to improve the impact.

In this way, we can build more call in culture amongst peers.