How to start an innovative and creative co-operative housing project

real wealth is not material wealth. real pvovery is not the lack of food schlter clothing. real poverty is the belief tha tt he purpose of life is acquiring wealth and owning things. real wealth is tnot the owner ship of provoperty but our deepest meanings as human beings is continuing to develop our natural and acquired power and relate to other beings.

OUr main responsiblity as revolutionaries was to go beyond the protest politics but instaed upon initiating struggles in assuming hte responsisbility for creating the new values,  truths and institutions

Grace Lee Boggs – bringing the neighbor back to the hood – FEEST –  foraging – immigrants –

Labor Major Losses.

Denied our ability to build a movement. Been on permanent defense since 1948

Second strategic defeat, 1975 and 1985, the reorganization of global capital.